Information relating to the company HYPERMETEO

Tax code and VAT no. 16159021001

a) Date and place of establishment, name and address of the notary
The company was established on 28 April 2021 in Rome before notary Francesca Maria Calegari, enrolled in the Notary Board of the United Districts of Rome, Velletri, and Civitavecchia.

b) Head office and any branch offices

Head office: Via Nazionale 181, 00184 Rome

c) Company purpose

The company’s purpose is:

  • designing, developing, manufacturing, processing, and marketing innovative high-tech datasets, products, and services in the fields of meteorology and climatology;
  • the research, study, development, and implementation of software and algorithms based on numerical models of complex systems for the processing and integration of large amounts of meteorological data;
  • their marketing on a global scale and in any form, including through digital platforms or other appropriate supports, both proprietary and third-party;
  • technical and advisory support to all economic sectors, areas, cultures, and people who wish to plan their activities based on the ongoing climate change.

The company may also provide support and consultancy to its customers and the markets and areas in which it operates in order to obtain financing and participate in local, national, and international projects and programmes in R&D and all other innovation-related areas. In this context, the company may perform all the functions necessary for the participation in tenders, as well as for the design and administrative management of projects, and dissemination of results.

d) Brief description of the activity carried out
Design, development, production, processing, and marketing of an innovative service for providing historical, real-time, and forecast meteorological data, spatialised on high-resolution grids, as well as other innovative high-tech products and services derived from them (alert and push notification systems, risk indices and indicators, early warning services, climate projections, etc.).

e) Shareholders’ list

  • Radarmeteo S.r.l.
  • Asnacodi Servizi S.r.l.
  • Andrea Chini
  • Francesco Dell’Orco
  • Gianluca Ferrari

f) Investee companies

g) Educational qualifications and professional experience of the partners and staff working at the innovative start-up (excluding any sensitive data)

Master’s Degree in IT Engineering obtained at Università degli Studi di Padova

Master’s Degree in Physics of Data obtained at Università degli Studi di Padova

Diploma of Industrial Expert

h) Professional, collaborative, or business relationships with certified incubators, institutional and professional investors, universities, and research centres

i) List of industrial and intellectual property rights


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