Hypermeteo supports a PhD program at the University of Trento on the subject of weather and climate reanalysis

Hypermeteo, the innovative start-up born from the experience in the field of meteorological services of Radarmeteo and operating in the supply of high-resolution meteorological data and services, is going to finance a scholarship within the framework of the selection for admission to the 37th cycle of the PhD program in Agrifood and Environmental Sciences promoted by the University of Trento for academic year 2021-2022.

The deadline for candidates to submit their applications is 24 August 2021. A total of 17 positions are available, one of which is co-funded directly by Hypermeteo and will cover “Development and testing of new parameterisation schemes and downscaling procedures for high-resolution numerical prediction and reanalysis of weather and climate conditions”.

Coordinators of this thematic area, who will also supervise the PhD student during the 3-year research programme, are: Dino Zardi, Full Professor of Atmospheric Physics, Meteorology and Environmental Physics at the University of Trento and President of AISAM (Italian Association of Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology) and Gianluca Ferrari, founding partner and Chief Data Analysis Officer of Hypermeteo.

This educational path will become an opportunity to explore the most evolved technologies and methods for the processing of weather and climate data. A future-oriented meteorology that tackles the economic, social and cultural changes resulting from global warming.

For more information on the PhD admission procedure, visit the relevant page.

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