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With a view to promoting the innovative Hypermeteo start-up among stakeholders, our new website has been up and running for a few days now, presenting the state-of-the-art digital solutions and technologies for a detailed and representative meteorology. The new brand has been launched as a supplier of extremely detailed weather data and services, made available thanks to digital spatialisation on territorial grids which offer high-resolution weather and climate analyses. The data is taken from the global observational set and from a repository of historical datasets dating back 30 years, then analysed and processed using cutting edge technology.

In order to represent Hypermeteo’s data processes, processing techniques and potential, we have designed a series of visuals using universal symbols and figurative design to focus attention on global markets and the monitoring of global warming. Hypermeteo intends to disseminate a meteorology model that is open to society, to raise the community’s and individuals’ awareness of the climate-related issues we will have to cope within the years to come.

Numerous challenges await the meteorology sector, which is getting ready to move into the age of digital innovation. Hypermeteo too is going to be faced with these challenges, requiring the development of new ideas and solutions. This will be possible thanks to the start-up’s resources specialised in meteorological reanalysis, forecast modelling and artificial intelligence, thanks to the experience gained with Radarmeteo, the company which has been delivering professional meteorology services since 2007. Radarmeteo, together with Asnacodi Servizi (the service company of Asnacodi, the Italian farmers’ consortia association for agricultural risk management), Francesco Dell’Orco (CEO & Chief Sales Officer), Andrea Chini (Chief Operating Officer) and Gianluca Ferrari (Chief Data Analysis Officer), make up the corporate structure of Hypermeteo.

Physicists, Data Scientists, Statisticians with a relevant background acquired through years of close relations with the worlds of risk management and utilities, make up a team dedicated to the development of innovative services and the supply of data. These services are tailored for high-precision applications in the managerial, decision-making, operational and contractual spheres, for which clear, precise and scientifically founded information on past and future weather scenarios must be guaranteed.

All these aspects are covered on the new company website:

In addition to the Home Page, which offers an overview of the main services, here is a brief presentation of the different sections of the website:

  • Services: all the potential of Hypermeteo’s data;
    • Technology: the page shows where the weather data comes from and how Hypermeteo adds value to the raw data using the most evolved analysis and processing techniques;
    • Industries, the areas of application of Hypermeteo’s data and services, each with their own explanatory section;
    • Who we are, with a look at the Company Profile, Mission and Vision, with details of the corporate structure and the people who contribute to the development of Hypermeteo every day;
    • the Work with us area where people can apply for any jobs available (at the moment we are looking for a Data scientist and a Weather Software Developer);
    • News with all the main updates on our activities and our sector;

You can also visit our social media pages: FacebookLinkedin and Twitter.

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