Radarmeteo and Hypermeteo have set up in Rovereto at Progetto Manifattura, Trentino Sviluppo’s innovation hub

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Radarmeteo and Hypermeteo have opened a new business unit in Rovereto within Progetto Manifattura, Europe’s leading incubator for companies and start-ups dealing with innovation and the green economy. Once the largest factory in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, thanks to the redevelopment project launched by Trentino Sviluppo in 2008, it is now a hub of industrial innovation in the fields of eco-sustainable construction, renewable energy, environmental and natural resource management technologies.

Thanks to its strategic position as a link between the Mediterranean and continental Europe and to its collaboration with important local operators — i.e. University of Trento and Consorzio Difesa Produttori Agricoli – Co.Di.Pr.A. [Agricultural Producers Defence Consortium] —, the aim of the new operational headquarters is to develop projects and specific services for the Trentino region, with an eye to their extension into national and international markets.

The services to be developed by the group of data scientists stationed at the Trentino Sviluppo hub will concern technologies and algorithms able to integrate the weather data needed to delineate future climate scenarios and place them in a perspective that is aligned with the pace set by the economy and transitions, thus making it possible to provide solutions that can mitigate the impacts climate change may have on the activities of utility and insurance companies, banks, network and infrastructure operators. In the design of the spaces, particular attention was also paid to questions of sustainability, with PlayWood being chosen to supply the furniture made from environmentally friendly, recyclable materials derived from renewable sources.

The move to Rovereto opens new opportunities for dialogue and brainstorming with other area organisations engaged in popularizing and promoting climatology; organisations such as AISAM (the Italian Association of Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology), the Edmund Mach, Bruno Kessler and Eurac Research Foundations, which together help delineate this area of Trentino as a “meteorological district” of European significance.

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